A rainy sunday

Unusual people can create a lot of emotional energy that has a big effect on you now. It’s a great day to try new things, and you’ve got the energy to make it happen. What has seemed too difficult to you in the past may be achievable today. All the effort you have been putting into a relationship may have be in vain.


9 Responses to “A rainy sunday”

  1. 1 2timestwenty mayo 25, 2008 en 2:43 pm

    “Mars in Leo is encouraging you to share your feelings with another. New love affairs will benefit from a new and rather overwhelming romantic influence…”

    Horoscopes suck

  2. 2 2timestwenty mayo 25, 2008 en 2:47 pm

    oohhh! how about this one!
    “Current planetary energies increase your chances of achieving a deep and meaningful relationship. This is something that you have really wished for, for a very long time, and yet something that you also dread, because it means exposing yourself at more profound and very vulnerable levels. But if you want to experience the heat, you have to get closer to the fire.”

  3. 3 ana mayo 25, 2008 en 3:18 pm

    eso eso…closeeeeeeeer to the fire!!!
    aunque que queme!!

  4. 4 Edu (o tambien llamado awatermelon) mayo 25, 2008 en 4:42 pm

    + d lo same ?

  5. 5 marahopkins mayo 26, 2008 en 12:13 am

    Armónius aspects sayést dat an oportíuniti tu cónclud or urap ap a partíquiular mater mei divélop tudei. A frend is láikeli tu brin a lítl extra fan intu de dai!!!!

    Sorri for mai ínglish 😀

  6. 6 ana mayo 26, 2008 en 6:44 am

    jajaja! yur inglish is very gud! 😉

  7. 7 2timestwenty mayo 27, 2008 en 2:33 am

    jis inglish is eccelent!

  8. 8 2timestwenty mayo 27, 2008 en 2:34 am


  9. 9 ana mayo 27, 2008 en 7:08 am



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